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French A-Level and GCSE (with AQA) Teaching Resources


Important Notice:

Memrise has changed the courses web addresses by adding "community".

For example, Year 2 vocab course is now:


I will start working on resources for the new GCSE in the new year.

There should be a few units available by September 2024 :)

Changes to the site:

- A new logo and homepage
- A new tab in the A Level section for Taster lessons
- Possibility to pay via Debit or Credit cards without going through Paypal

Coming Soon:

A new section will be added to this site for seasonal resources KS3 to KS5.

Latest Updated Resources:


  • A Level: - Comment on traite les criminels - Part A


updated: 08/11/23


  • A Level: - Comment on traite les criminels - Part B


updated: 02/12/23


  • A Level: - La musique francophone - Part B


updated: 08/10/23


  • A Level: - Grèves, manifestations- Part C


updated: 13/09/23


  • A Level: - La musique francophone - Part A


updated: 03/09/23


  • A Level: Le patrimoine- Part C


updated: 18/06/23

  • A Level: Le patrimoine- Part B

updated: 13/05/23

  • A Level: Le patrimoine- Part A

updated: 05/03/23

- If you have previously purchased these topics on, an email has been sent to you with a promo code to download for free. Please also check your spam folder.

If you have not received an email, contact me: or via my Facebook page.

-If you have purchased these topics on Tes, you will be able to download them again for free directly on the Tes website.

-My hope is to keep updates free, but they take time to produce. If you have benefited from a few updates already, found them useful and would like to support my work, a gesture is always appreciated. You can "buy me a coffee" here:

First-time teachers of French GCSE or A Level

If you are teaching the French GCSE or A Level for the first time, do not hesitate to get in touch and I'll send you a unit / topic of your choice for Free.

Recently Added Resources: A-Level

Recently Added Resources: GCSE

What colleagues say about the resources

"Thank you so much! I always love your A Level resources, they save me so much time and they are so beautifully presented. Merci beaucoup!" 
Review by sm7111 for the resource "La famille en voie de changement- Les grands-parents, parents et enfants" on Tes
Encore une ressource fantastique qui est tellement bien structurée et facile à utiliser.
Review by Grouchon for the resource "No et Moi- Book Study- characters" on Tes
All the resources I have used have been of the highest quality, with up-to-date information. Corrections are included which saves even more time. Thank you so much for sharing your work so generously!
Review by Caroline on
ALL of your resources are simply INCREDIBLE!! My GCSE and A-Level groups are loving the lessons and that's all down to your clear and structured lessons. THANK YOU!
Review by MFLTeacherCA on

Laprofdefrancais' resources have been downloaded over 1.6 million times and received over 1000                                 reviews. 

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