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Revision Maps: La musique francophone contemporaine

In the resource file, you will find revision maps (.pdf formats) for the topic: La musique francophone contemporaine. 


There are 3 non-editable maps corresponding to the 3 parts of this topic:

- La diversité de la musique francophone contemporaine

- Qui écoute et apprécie cette musique?

- Comment sauvegarder la musique francophone contemporaine


The 3 maps gives students a detailed summary of all aspects covered in my topic bundle and include specific and up-to-date content. Each map also provides a series of possible questions that students can practise answering using the content from that map. 


Note that the size of the font is quite small, and although the maps can be printed for your students, you may also want to share the digital copy with them, so they can zoom in on the different sections of the map, if needed. 


Revision Maps: La musique francophone contemporaine

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