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Wheel Puzzles-La Saint-Valentin

A variety of wheel puzzles on Valentine's Day: La Saint-Valentin.

Students can practise the French vocabulary either: individually, in pairs, in groups or as a whole class.


There are 6 wheels included in the .zip folder: 3 levels of difficulty (8, 12 or 24 vocabulary words) and two versions per level of difficulty (French to picture or French to English), allowing you to pick the most appropriate wheel for your students.


Instruction: Each label has a French and an English word (or a picture) which do not match. Students must find and align their equivalent from another label to complete the vocabulary wheel.


Advice: Print the pdf documents one-sided, cut the labels out (+ laminate to last longer).


As well as a straightforward match up activity, you can get your students to practice their speaking by using the labels in a "I have..., who has...?" vocab chain for example. A list of other possible activities are included in the .zip folder


Note that the files are in .pdf formats and are therefore not editable.

Wheel Puzzles-La Saint-Valentin

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