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Special offer 1: Year 2 topics- Board Games

In this resource file you will find 2 folders for the two themes covered in year 2: Les Questions d'Actualité et La Vie Politique


For each folder:
- 3 board games (.pdf and editable versions): one for each of the topics in that theme

with 17 questions, 8 sentences/facts to translate from Fr to En and 8 sentences/ facts to translate from En-Fr


A total of 6 board games:

- Les aspects positifs d'une société diverse

- Quelle vie pour les marginalisés

- Comment on traite les criminels

- Les ados, le droit de vote et l'engagement politique

- Manifestations, grèves- À qui le pouvoir

- La politique et l'immigration


Each theme is normally available for £1.80, this special offer corresponds to 50% reduction



Special offer 1: Year 2 topics- Board Games

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