Pronunciation Practice-Part1

In this file, you will get a resource to help students of A Level or GCSE practise their French pronunciation. Although you will be able to use this resource in class, it has originally been created for independent study.


6 key aspects are covered:

  • silent letters at the end of words
  • the -r sound
  • the -u sound
  • silent -h and cedilla
  • nasal sounds
  • the 'ay/ai' sound


The PPT presentation is approximately 25 slides long and includes descriptions for each aspect, embedded sound files for application of these aspects and practise slides. (All the sound files are also included in a separate folder).


You will also get a link to get the Google Slides version of this PPT, but will need to have a Gmail email account for this. You can then share the Google Slides with your students or post it on Google Classroom. 


Pronunciation Practice-Part1

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