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Morpions- Present Tense Practice

In this resource file:

  • 8 cards for students to practise the present tense. Three verbs to practise per card
    (format: .pdf file - 16 pages)


-Print double-sided for the sneak peak at the back of the card. (which gives the correct conjugation of the verbs).
-Laminate so you can use as mini-whiteboards as many times as you want without printing again.


card 1: -ER verbs (jouer, regarder, écouter)
card 2: -IR verbs (choisir, finir, obéir)
card 3: -RE verbs (vendre, perdre, entendre)
card 4: Regular verbs (parler, réfléchir, prétendre)
card 5: Reflexive verbs ( se lever, s’investir, s’entendre)
card 6: Irregular verbs set 1 (être, avoir, aller)
card 7: Irregular verbs set 2 (faire, boire, prendre)
card 8: Modal verbs (vouloir, devoir, pouvoir)


Please note: the cards are not editable

Morpions- Present Tense Practice

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