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La Haine: Livret de révision

In this resources file, you will find a revision booklet for the movie study: “La Haine” (.pdf and editable version).


The booklet is 15 pages long (including cover and 2 pages for the table of content) and gives a series of questions, organised per aspects, to enable your students to revise the movie for their exams. This booklet is especially useful for year 13 students who studied the movie in year 12 and for independent revision.


PLEASE NOTE: this booklet offers QUESTIONS ONLY (no other activities included and no answers). If you wish for your students to check their work or have support whilst completing this booklet, you might want to check the series of summary sheets I have produced as they link very well with the questions (available for £2.30): here 

La Haine: Livret de révision

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