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GCSE-Unit1- Me, my family and friends

UPDATED- In this resource file:
You will find teaching materials for Theme 1- Unit 1 (AQA) : Me, My family and friends (moi, ma famille et mes amis).


The PPT (approx. 80 slides including answer slides) covers the whole Unit and is composed of 3 parts: ’ About me’, ‘Relationship with family and friends’ and ‘Marriage and Partnership’.


It includes:
-Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Translations activities (3 of each minimum)
-Grammar points and practice: Avoir and ETRE, -ER verbs present tense +reflexive -ER verbs, adjectival agreements, possessive adjectives, comparative and Near future
-Homework tasks
-A Kahoot and a Quizlet practice
-a link to an online vocab learning course (+ a paper version of the vocab list)
-a vocab test linked to the course
-QR codes at the bottom of worksheet for extra independent study
-Tips, reminders and strategies to support students
-Comments under the slides for advice and worksheets location


All worksheets and answers are provided (.pdf and editable formats)
Activities are differentiated and exam- style


Please note: that this resource has been updated on 24/08/22. This is reflected in the slight price increase compared to other GCSE topics, which are yet to be updated. However, if you have purchased this resource before 24th August 2022, you will be able to download this updated version FREE of charge. An email has been sent to you with a promo-code. If you have not received an email, please also check your spam folder and get in touch: or via my Facebook page.

GCSE-Unit1- Me, my family and friends

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