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GCSE-Unit 8-Travel and Tourism

In this resource file:
You will find teaching materials for Theme 2- Unit 8 (AQA): Travel and Tourism (voyage et tourisme)


The PPT (approx. 85 slides including answer slides) covers the whole Unit and is composed of 3 parts: ’ Going on a trip, ‘My past holidays’ and ‘Tourism’


It includes:
-Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Translations activities (3 of each minimum)
-Grammar points and practice: Prepositions, Tenses revision and practice (present tense, perfect with avoir and être, imperfect tense)
-Homework tasks
-a link to an online vocab learning course+ (a paper version of the vocab list)
-a vocab test linked to the course
-QR codes at the bottom of worksheet for extra independent study
-Tips, reminders and strategies to support students
-Comments under the slides for advice and worksheets location


All worksheets and answers are provided in.pdf and editable formats.
Except for games with are only included as .pdf files


Activities are differentiated and exam- style


After downloading, save the .zip file (Unit8) in the “my documents” area of your computer, then right-click and extract all to access all the resources


GCSE-Unit 8-Travel and Tourism

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