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GCSE-Unit 10-Life at School/ College

In this resource file:

You will find teaching materials for Theme 3- Unit 10 (AQA): Life at School/ College (Ma vie scolaire)

The PPT (approx. 80 slides including answer slides) covers the whole Unit and is composed of 3 parts: ’ School rules', ‘Extra-curricular activities’ and ‘School pressures’


It includes:
-Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing and Translations activities (3 of each minimum)
-Grammar points and practice: Tenses revision and practice (present tense, perfect tense, near future and future tenses, conditional), infinitive constructions
-Homework tasks
-a link to an online vocab learning course+ (a paper version of the vocab list)
-a vocab test linked to the course
-QR codes at the bottom of some worksheets for extra independent study
-Tips, reminders and strategies to support students
-Comments under the slides for advice and worksheets location


All worksheets and answers are provided in.pdf and editable formats.
**Except **for games with are only included as .pdf files


Activities are differentiated and exam- style


After downloading, save the .zip file (Unit10) in the “my documents” area of your computer, then right-click and extract all to access all the resources

GCSE-Unit 10-Life at School/ College

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