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GCSE-Topic1-Identity and Relationships with others

(This resource is also available as an upgrade- Please see the additional information section of the page)


In this digital product:

You will find everything you need to teach the first topic of Theme 1 of the new GCSE course (with AQA): People and Lifestyle: Identity and Relationships with others.


The Presentation (approx. 150 slides including answer slides) covers the whole topic and is composed of 4 parts:

A: About me!

B: Family and Friends

C: Relationships

D: Partnerships

There are 4 folders (A, B, C and D) containing the relevant files for that part.


It includes:

- a range of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Translation activities

- grammar points including: avoir and être in the present tense, adjectival agreement, possessive adjectives, regular -ER verbs in the present, near future

- elements of phonics: on/om, silent -e, silent final consonants, ail/eil/ill

- retrieval activities, cultural aspects and homework tasks

- QR codes/ links for independent study

- vocab lists (full topic list or 4 lists for the 4 parts) + link to online course

- comments under the slides for notes and worksheet location

- answers

- audio files and transcripts

- .pdf and editable versions of the worksheets (except the nought and crosses game, which is only available as .pdf)


Activities are differentiated and exam style.


After downloading, save the .zip file in your computer (in “documents” for example), then right-click and select “extract all” to access all the resources.


For the full overview, you can check the free SOW available for download here

GCSE-Topic1-Identity and Relationships with others

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    • For departmental use, please change the quantity to: 2
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