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La cyber-société: PartC

UPDATED! This resource file contains teaching materials for the THIRD PART of the topic: La Cyber-Société: Qui sont les cybernautes.


The PPT presentation (over 50 slides including answer slides) is composed of three parts: 'Les internautes selon les générations, ‘Le monde des cybernautes’ and ‘L’avenir de la cyber-société’


-Listening, Reading, Speaking,Writing and grammar activities
-video comprehension
-statistics discussions
-translation French to English and English to French with markscheme
-homework tasks
-a link to an online learning vocab course
-a vocab test linked to the course
-QR codes for further study
-Comments under the slides for advice and worksheets location


Activities are differentiated and exam style


PLEASE NOTE: This resources has been updated and now includes more grammar activities and students support. This is why the resource is now priced £3.20 instead of £3. However, anyone who has purchased this resource before 23rd August 2021 will be able to download this new version FREE of charge. Please email me for the last version.


This resource is also available as part of a FULL TOPIC BUNDLE:


This resource is also available as part of a FULL THEME BUNDLE:


La cyber-société: PartC

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