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French A-Level and GCSE (with AQA) Teaching Resources


Resource Notices:

1. Memrise is changing. Please click here to get the new links

2. GCSE 2016: The "Au Pair" video link in GCSE Unit 11 has been disabled, but you can use any of these two links instead:

3. GCSE 2016: Some of the QR codes linked to BBC bitesize website for independent study are no longer valid. You might want to check the links before using the worksheets with your students and remove as needed.

GCSE 2024:

A new Freebies section for GCSE 2024 here. Available so far :
- Course Overview for students: topics, grammar, phonics and assessments
- SoW for Transition lessons 
- SoW for topics 1, 2 and 3 of Theme 1 (draft versions)
- Vocabulary lists for topics 1, 2 and 3

A new GCSE 2024 section here. Available so far:
- Transition lessons KS3 to KS4 (£4.5 - or as a £2 upgrade)
- French Phonetic Alphabet Lesson (£2)
- Topic 1: Identity and Relationships with others (£6.50- or as a £3.50 upgrade)

Coming soon:
- Vocabulary lists for topics 4 and 5
- SOW for topics 4 and 5

What will be available by September 2024:
- Resources for Theme 1
- all SoW (as draft versions)

You can be notified via email every time a topic becomes available: Sign up here

First-time teachers of French GCSE or A Level

If you are teaching the French GCSE or A Level for the first time, do not hesitate to get in touch and I'll send you a unit / topic of your choice for Free.

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Latest Updated Resources:


  • A Level: - La Politique et l'Immigration - Part A
updated: 13/02/24



  • A Level: - La Politique et l'Immigration - Part B
updated: 27/02/24



  • A Level: - La musique francophone - Part C
updated: 24/01/24



  • A Level: - Comment on traite les criminels - Part A
updated: 08/11/23



  • A Level: - Comment on traite les criminels - Part B
updated: 02/12/23



  • A Level: - Comment on traite les criminels - Part C
updated: 10/01/24



  • A Level: - Le Septième Art - Part A
updated: 14/04/24



  • A Level: - La musique francophone - Part B
updated: 08/10/23



  • A Level: - Grèves, manifestations- Part C
updated: 13/09/23



  • A Level: - La musique francophone - Part A
updated: 03/09/23



  • A Level: - Le Septième Art - Part B
updated: 07/05/24


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Recently Added Resources: A-Level

Recently Added Resources: GCSE

What colleagues say about the resources

Thank you so much! I always love your A Level resources, they save me so much time and they are so beautifully presented. Merci beaucoup!
(reviewed on Tes)
ALL of your resources are simply INCREDIBLE!! My GCSE and A-Level groups are loving the lessons and that's all down to your clear and structured lessons. THANK YOU!
(reviewed on
Encore une ressource fantastique qui est tellement bien structurée et facile à utiliser.
(reviewed on Tes)
All the resources I have used have been of the highest quality, with up-to-date information. Corrections are included which saves even more time. Thank you so much for sharing your work so generously!
(reviewed on

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